CPC 0 series (Anesthesia)

  1. 1 : Emergency Tracheostomy procedure was performed for a 6 months old child under general anesthesia. How would you report the anesthesia service?

  1. 2 : Thirumalai a 56-year-old patient came who had CABG two months back encountered today again for coronary artery disease and again CABG done for CAD under general anesthesia. What ASA codes you would report?

  1. 3 : KAALA a 67-year-old patient encountered for Nephrectomy surgery to Sai hospital in Dharavi. Patient was taken to OR. Physician started preparing the patient at 10:30 am and anesthesia induced to the patient and surgery begins at 10:45 am and ends at 12:00 pm and physician leaves the patient to PACU at 12:15 pm. What is the anesthesia time?

  1. 4 : Dr. Siddharth performed a craniotomy procedure while patient in sitting position under general anesthesia which is induced by an anesthesiologist Dr. Nandha. How would you report Dr. Nandha’s service?

  1. 5 : Dr. Elavarasan an anesthesiologist involved in 3 concurrent anesthesia cases in a hospital. In OR 1 he directed Ganapathy a CRNA with general anesthesia for ORIF of tibia for a patient. In OR 2 he directed Ganesan a CRNA with general anesthesia for mediastinoscopy biopsy for a patient. In OR 3 he directed Ganesamoorthy a CRNA with general anesthesia for Diagnostic thoracoscopy for a patient. How would you report Ganesan’s service?

  1. 6 : Sangavi a 32-year-old patient with history of C-section encountered today for her 3rd delivery. Epidural anesthesia was induced and normal delivery attempted but failed to progress then procedure was converted to C-section under general anesthesia. How would you report the anesthesia service?

  1. 7 : Sudalaimadasamy a 26-year-old patient was scheduled for nephrectomy today for the purpose of transplant to his sister who is an ESRD patient. Dr.Dinakaran who performed the nephrectomy also provided general anesthesia to the patient due to unavailability of anesthesiologist. How would you report Dr.Dinakaran’s service?

  1. 8 : Thangammal a 23-year-old female met with MVA where she got fracture of her tibia for which she encountered for ORIF of shaft of tibia. Procedure done under general anesthesia by Dr.Velan and he also given femoral nerve block with catheter placement for continuous infusion with 3 day follow up. How would you report Dr.Velan’s service?

  1. 9 : Donald Trump had stenosis on his cervical spine for which he was scheduled for arthrodesis today. General anesthesia was administered and fusion performed between C3 - C7 with non-segmental instrumentation placed. Arterial line was inserted by anesthesiologist for patient monitoring. How would you report anesthesiologist’s service?

  1. 10 : Sankara raman was scheduled for sigmoid colectomy and enterectomy surgery today. Dr.Iyyanar induced general anesthesia to the patient and surgery was performed by Dr.Solayammal. How would you report Dr.Iyyanar’s service?

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