CPC Training is purely a career growth which takes your medical coding career to great leap.

CPC Certification provides the candidates to achieve unique position in their career and a good growth in their present work. Time management is much concerned and extensive ideas to maintain time during the exam is provided by our skilled trainers

Certified coders earn  -  30% HIGHER  -  than Non-certified ones.


Topics Covered

  • All sections (i.e.) E&M (Evaluation and Management), Surgery, Anesthesia, Radiology, Pathology, Medicine.
  • ICD-10 CM coding guidelines.
  • HCPCS Coding guidelines.
  • Compliance Regulatory.
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology.
  • Medical Billing.

Highlights of CPC

  • Extensive ideas to maintain Time management during Exam for candidates.
  • Free study materials and Manuals.
  • 7 Mock Assessment with in-depth review on each Mock assessment.
  • Mock Centre for exam practise (This will give the real feel of AAPC exam).
  • Pre-exam review helps candidates to revise the concepts and increase confidence.
  • Various shortcuts to crack the exam in an effective way.

Course Duration

  • Duration : 60 days (Weekdays Days | 3 hours per day)

Course Features

  • Weekdays 25 Days / 4 Hrs per day
  • Weekends 50 Days / 2 Hrs per day
  • Institution Focus Healthcare
  • Materials Training & Test Materials


Make your Career Faster, Safer & Better.