1. 1 : Patient has hypertensive heart failure, his malignant hypertension is due to CKD stage 5. Give correct code.

  1. 2 : Liver malignancy metastasis to lymph nodes patient encounters for treatment for secondary neoplasm.

  1. 3 : Spontaneous abortion with 14 weeks of pregnancy:

  1. 4 : A HIV positive patient who still has no symptom encounter for cough and SOB. Physician diagnosed with Pneumococcal infection due to AIDS. Give correct code.

  1. 5 : Patient has 3rd degree burn in right and left arm 10% each. And second degree burn on thigh 10%. Code the scenario.

  1. 6 : The patient came today to discuss Lap band surgery. He is engaged to be married next spring and is ready to change his life. He is morbidly obese, and his BMI calculates to 41. His diabetes is controlled with pre-prandial tablets of 12 mg Starlix. He has bilateral primary osteoarthritic changes in his knees. Overall, he is a good candidate for the procedure, and I have referred him to Dr. Mast, general surgeon.

  1. 7 : Patient present with sterna chest pain, possible angina. Physician rule out angina and documents probable costochondritis. Code the diagnosis.

  1. 8 : The patient is a 75-year-old woman who is here for follow-up after an incident last week in which she had an FB lodged in her throat due to a narrowing in her esophagus. An emergency esophagoscopy was performed and the piece of hamburger meat removed, and biopsy performed. She is positive for Barrett’s esophagus. She has a history of GERD and is here today to be evaluated for photodynamic therapy. Code all the current diagnosis / symptoms.

  1. 9 : The newborn has been placed in NICU to treat herpetic vesicles on her torso and lower extremities. Tests have been ordered to rule out herpetic encephalitis, chorioretinitis, and sepsis and prophylactic protocols will be put in place to prevent spread of the infection from rupturing lesions. Code the patient’s diagnosis.

  1. 10 : Dr. Baskar admitted Claire for treatment of her acute and chronic pyelonephritis she has mild hypertension, and secondary diabetes with associated macular edema. During this encounter, Claire received insulin to temporarily bring her blood sugar under control. How should the diagnosis codes be reported for this admission encounter?

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