CPC 8 series (Pathology & Laboratory)

  1. 1 : Dr. Dharma performed the following lab tests: Calcium ionized, Carbon dioxide, Chloride, Creatinine, Glucose, Potassium, Sodium, Urea, Nitrogen (BUN). How should you report Dr. Dharma’s lab work?

  1. 2 : Rashid a 26-year old patient had a semi-quantitative urinalysis for infectious agent detection. How should you report this test?

  1. 3 : Dr. Bashir performs the following tests on her automated equipment: HDL, total serum cholesterol, triglycerides and a quantitative glucose. The correct codes for these procedures are:

  1. 4 : Sugumar presents with burning urination and frequency. The physician performs a UA dipstick, which shows elevated WBC. He orders a urine culture with identification for each isolate to determine which antibiotic to give to the patient for the infection. What are the appropriate lab codes?

  1. 5 : A patient with severe asthma exacerbation has been admitted. The admitting physician orders a blood gas for oxygen saturation only. The admitting physician performs the arterial puncture drawing blood for a blood gas reading on oxygen saturation only. The physician draws it again in an hour to measure how much oxygen the blood is carrying. Select the codes for reporting this service.

  1. 6 : Gajendran a 58-year-old male patient with abdominal pain and episodes of bright red blood in his stool reports to his physician’s office for a check-up. His physician performs a digital rectal exam and tests for occult blood. Dr. Marimuthu documents this blood occult test was done for purposes other than colorectal cancer screening. How would you report the occult blood test?

  1. 7 : During a craniectomy the surgeon performed a frozen section of a large piece of tumor and sent it to pathology. The pathologist received a rubbery pinkish tan tissue measuring in aggregate 3 x 0.8 x 0.8 cm. The entire specimen is submitted in one block and a microscope was used to examine the tissue. The frozen section and the pathology report are sent back to the surgeon indicating that the tumor was a medulloblastoma. What CPT® code(s) will the pathologist report?

  1. 8 : A surgical specimen was removed from the proximal jejunum during a resection for adenocarcinoma and was submitted to surgical pathology for gross and microscopic examination. The correct code for this service:

  1. 9 : Patient is undergoing in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. Following the retrieval of follicular fluid from the patient, the physician uses a microscope to examine the fluid to identify the oocytes. What is the code for the laboratory service?

  1. 10 : Subbu a 56 year old patient had glucose tolerance testing completed on five specimens. How should these laboratory services be reported?

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