CPC 9 series (Medicine)

  1. 1 : Sam meets Dr. Jack a Psychiatrist for the first time for an evaluation of his complaints with lack of sleep and obsession. Jack completed the evaluation and Sam was asked to meet him the following Monday for next session, meanwhile Bupropion was prescribed. The evaluation lasted for 30minutes. How you will report the Service?

  1. 2 : A patient with lung cancer is treated for the condition with IV fluids. 7lesion was treated with chemotherapy drugs. After the treatment patient seemed de-hydrated so, NaCl was administered to the patient for 1Hr and 40mins. What are the CPT’s?

  1. 3 : A cardiologist performs a EKG on a patient with atrial fibrillation, Interpretation and report was documented along with the tracing sheet.

  1. 4 : David meets his Physician in his office for an allergy test and his physician gives 2 injections for allergen immunotherapy test with allergic extract for David. He was asked to return if his symptoms worsen.

  1. 5 : Peter with cervical pain meets his PCP Dr Sam for pain management, Sam performs a osteopathic manipulative treatment in which 2 body regions were involved. A detailed history, comprehensive examination and moderate MDM was performed. What codes does Dr.Sam can bill for?

  1. 6 : Anna is suffering from embolism she recently underwent a surgery and was asked to continue coagulation management for few days. Today she visited Dr. Jack and received a Warfarin shot and INR was also performed during the test. Code the CPT?

  1. 7 : A 14yr old patient who is perfectly healthy updates his vaccine today. He received Td vaccine intramuscularly. A brief education on the vaccination was given as a counseling to the patient. Code the appropriate CPT.

  1. 8 : An Ophthalmologist performs an evaluation and management on his patient along with gross visual fields and sensorimotor examination. He prescribed lens for right eye was also done. What all the services can the ophthalmologist can bill?

  1. 9 : Sarath who is suspected for paraplegia was sent to have a reflex test with sensory motor conduction test in his femoral motor nerves to the vastus medialis and motor test without f- wave. What codes should be reported?

  1. 10 : An asthmatic patient is adminstered with albuterol nebulisation treatment. Dr. Chinnaraju adminstered nebulizer. Even after continous treatment of 45 mins the patient didn’t seem to improve so he continoued for another 15 mins after which patient showed some improvement. What CPT codes should be reported?

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