CPC 99 series (Evaluation & Management)

  1. 1 : A 4-year-old baby with no complaints, meets his physician for checkup. The physician conducts a comprehensive history and examination. Immunization was checked and updated. The baby receives Td and MMR vaccine. What CPT codes you would report?

  1. 2 : Jack met with MVC yesterday and he had a laceration to his forearm. The laceration was sutured and dressed by the physician. Today the physician examines the sutured location , patient was found to have rash in his legs other than that is neuro and constitutional was examined. For pain Toradol was updated. The physician performs an expanded history and low MDM. What are the CPT’s physician can bill?

  1. 3 : Tom was diagnosed with chronic constipation by his physician Dr. Jacks. He performed a CT scan and concludes to be mass in colon. For an opinion Tom was asked to meet Dr. Jill. Dr. Jack performed detailed history & examination and moderate MDM. Dr. Jill performed Detailed examination & history and Moderate MDM. Bill for Dr. Jill.

  1. 4 : A 3-year-old baby who already in hospital for pneumonia got critically ill for 30 minutes, Dr. Sara performed an endotracheal intubation and ventillation treatment was performed. Th physician performed a comprehensive history, examination & MDM. What codes should be reported?

  1. 5 : A patient who was newly diagnosed with hypertension was given prescriptions to take up. The physician performed an expanded problem focused history and exam and low MDM. The physician spent almost 60 minutes in overall treatment out of which half the time was spent on counselling. What CPT can physician bill?

  1. 6 : Tom is admitted in hospital for appendectomy by his gastroenterologist. Since Tom is a cardiac patient before the surgery his gastroenterologist asked a cardiologist Dr. Jerry to evaluate the patient on his Coumadin therapy. Dr. Jerry performs a comprehensive exam, detailed history and high complexity MDM. Bill for Dr. Jerry.

  1. 7 : Anne gave birth to a healthy boy baby today in hospital. Dr. Peter conducted the initial evaluation on the newly born baby. What is the CPT?

  1. 8 : A patient presents to ED facility for chest pain for past two days. The pain was pinching pain and he tried tramadol for it. He diabetic and is on insulin for it. Physician reviewed his cardiac system along with his respiratory. The ED physician performed an EKG on the patient and he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The ED physician performed a moderate exam and high complexity MDM. The Ed physician documented that he spent 20 minutes of Critical care on the patient. What CPT’s ED physician code?

  1. 9 : A patient who is already in hospital for DVT was evaluated by his physician. The physician performs a expanded problem focused history, moderate exam and low MDM. The patient felt better today so he was discharged today with 15 minutes evaluation. What is the code for this service?

  1. 10 : Ali was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia by his PCP. He was put into observation to evaluate his health condition. Today a detailed history, moderate and detailed exam was performed. What codes can the PCP bill?

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