CPC 1 series (Integumentary System)

  1. 1 : A 24-year –old female is seen in the office for Pilonidal abscess that needs to be incised and drained. Since the wound created for drainage is deep, physician placed a simple suture to close the incised area which is 0.5 cm. What CPT and ICD-10 CM codes you would report?

  1. 2 : Rehman is been presented for necrotizing soft tissue infection on RUQ abdominal wall. Using sharp dissection, the infection was debrided all the way down to the muscle of the abdomen of size 3 cm x 2 cm. Some tissues in perineum and genitalia are also found necrotized and infected. So, debridement is performed with removal of all the infected tissues of size 4 cm x 2 cm. After debridement, minimal bleeding is noticed because of poor circulation. Areas involved were closed with intermediate repair and dressings were applied. What CPT code should be reported?

  1. 3 : 25 year-old male visited Same day surgery unit for treatment of 3 lesions located on his nose and 6 on his chest. Which has been diagnosed and identified as benign lesion during a previous encounter. Now the Lesions were marked and Steriods were injected into all lesions. What are the codes for procedure performed for today’s encounter

  1. 4 : Jessica underwent an excision of a 3 cm x 2 cm diameter malignant lesion on her forehead and 3cm lesion on her chest both with margins 0.2cm each. Physician decided to close forehead lesion excised defect with random island flap. total area of 12sqcm was placed and chest defect was closed with multiple layers of vicryl sutures. How would you report this procedure?

  1. 5 : Sandeep got his nail damaged accidentally while trying to open a jammed door in his home. He walked ino SDS department for getting his damaged nail bed repaired. Physician did repair his nail with placement of graft since nail damage was more and suture alone would not help to correct the damage. How would you report this procedure?

  1. 6 : Daniel has multiple premalignant lesion and encountered for destruction of all lesions. On his neck 17 premalignant lesions were found and destroyed which is of 0.3cm each. Attention was turned towards the lesions on hand where 6 acitinic keratoses were found and destroyed.

  1. 7 : Dr.Ramesh removes a prediagnosed cancer from the patient’s trunk using the Mohs micrographic surgery technique. During the first stage, he takes nine tissue blocks and reviews them under a microscope. The exam of the tissue blocks reveals a second stage is necessary to remove areas where the cancerous tissues are still present. Physician removes eight blocks in second stage and reviwed under microscope which reveals cancer is still positive at some part and goes for next stage and removed two tissue blocks and review finds to be negative and hence physician sutured the excision site measured 3cm with 3-0 vicryl. How would you report the physician service?

  1. 8 : A 54 year-old female patient who has multiple lesion on breast came to radiology department where two lesions from the left breast and 2 lesions from right breast has been biopsied using ultrasound guidance. What CPT codes should be reported for this procedure?

  1. 9 : Balram a 45-year-old male is in outpatient surgery to excise a basal cell carcinoma of the nose. The 3.2 cm lesion with an excised diameter of 3.5 cm was excised with a scalpel and physician decided to close the defective area with FTSG and he harvested 12sqcm graft from patient’s thigh and closed the defective area with it. What CPT codes should be reported.

  1. 10 : A 62-year old female encountered for removal of lesion on her right breast. Physician performed a segmentectomy where he removed the lesion and some healthy tissues. Bleeding vessels are controlled with electro cautery. The incision is sutured with layered closure and a light pressure dressing is applied. What codes should be reported for this procedure.

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